Constructing Infrastructure Construction

Constructing Infrastructure Construction

In Britain, infrastructure was slow to get off the ground, or actually, to get on it. The Ancient Britons seemed to have had to concentrate on staying alive too hard to bother with engineering.

Then came the Romans, and with them came previously unimaginable constructions, the Roman roads. The Romans brought a level of engineering that would not be seen again for over a millennia.

The routes for roads were surveyed meticulously, and constructed of a base of large stones with a centre crown and drainage ditches to each side, covered with Continue reading

The Effect of Graphic Design on Website Performance

Graphic Design For Web

Having an attractive website has never been more important, but with the ever changing online world constantly evolving, many websites that may only be 4 or 5 years old can soon be out of date.

Not only does website design move in fashions, moving as has happened in recent years from boxed, 1000 pixels wide layouts towards full width, fully responsive layouts that respond in layout depending on the Continue reading

Online Shopping & How It’s Growth Threatens The High Street

Modern Online Shopping

For many years business has meant competition, with commercial enterprises both large and small seeking a competitive edge to survive and prosper using every advantage they could lever.

There is however a sea change in attitudes between businesses in the same field, different fields, and the consumers.

Computer technology has, at a basic level changed the way enterprises operate and work with each other.

It is almost unnoticed that the nature of Continue reading

IBM Focus

A Look Back at IBM

In the USA, year 1911, the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company, and the Computing Scale Company of America, merged to form one company, the Computing Tabulating Recording Company.

This company was at the cutting edge of the hi-tech of its time, and quickly grew, and in 1924, the then CEO Thomas J. Watson Snr. Changed the name to International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM.

Research and development was then, as now, at the forefront of their focus, and they began to design and produce adding machines and calculators in Continue reading

Why Children Must Have Swimming Lessons

The Benefits of Kids Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for children can offer a gateway to a life skill that can give a lifetime of pleasurable experiences and healthy benefits.

Swimming can be a pleasure for people of all ages, but children especially enjoy getting in the water.

The attraction of water is well known, and drowning remains one of the highest reasons of accidental child death, so the ability to swim at the earliest chance, carries an Continue reading