The Effect of Graphic Design on Website Performance

Graphic Design For Web

Having an attractive website has never been more important, but with the ever changing online world constantly evolving, many websites that may only be 4 or 5 years old can soon be out of date.

Not only does website design move in fashions, moving as has happened in recent years from boxed, 1000 pixels wide layouts towards full width, fully responsive layouts that respond in layout depending on the device being used to view the page.

The growth in mobile usage & smart phones has had several important affects on website design. Firstly, 50% or more of all Google traffic is delivered to mobile phones and or tablets. If a website isn’t compatible with smaller screens then you will have usability issues, putting off potential customers. Make your site mobile compatible at CRWD and stop missing out on over half your potential visitors!

Secondly, mobile networks are slower than landlines and fibre optic network installations. While it’s all well and good for the designer, sat in a high tech office, with an ultra high speed network to look at his work and not see any deliverability issues, but for anyone using a 3g or 4g network, large file sizes will slow load speeds drastically.

It’s vital to design every site for the slowest user, so no one is excluded from using the site. SEO¬≥ will audit your site for any SEO issues and help you to make amendments to fix them

Website Design & SEO

If your website loads quickly then you will avoid load speed related penalties. There are many ways you can accidentally damage your organic traffic volumes and they are becoming much easier to trigger.

For many website owners, you won’t actually be penalised for many minor offences, it’s just that the other sites that you are competing against will rank above you….. making you feel like you are being penalised. (You can check for actual penalties in Google Webmaster Tools).

If you need a web design audit carrying out on your site to know where you are and what you need to do, ask Deeho Optimization for a free site audit and get started today.