Online Shopping & How It’s Growth Threatens The High Street

Modern Online Shopping

For many years business has meant competition, with commercial enterprises both large and small seeking a competitive edge to survive and prosper using every advantage they could lever.

There is however a sea change in attitudes between businesses in the same field, different fields, and the consumers.

Computer technology has, at a basic level changed the way enterprises operate and work with each other.

It is almost unnoticed that the nature of competition has altered, driven by businesses increasing their ranges along with diversifying and breaking ground in new fields.

The giant leaders such as Google and Amazon are constantly expanding and diversifying into new sectors.

What price a search engine about to manufacture life-imitating robots, and leading research in driverless vehicles, and an on line book store now supplies almost anything from bathrooms to bacon.

Online shops can stock considerably larger ranges of products of everything from parts and spares to garden solar lighting, clothing, computers, anything in fact where shelf space in store dictates that any range on display will be restricted.

Competition therefore is changing boundaries or, indeed eroding boundary lines completely as various players enter various and more non-specific market areas.

This could for some be perceived as a threat, but the collaboration and interaction can create a better market for all.

Businesses should grasp competition and accept change, because, because if they don’t, someone else will.

The rise of social media networking has, perhaps inadvertently become a major portal for business.

Online shopping through social media is gathering apace. Homes such as Facebook and Twitter influence how consumers discover goods and spend their money by making e-commerce about more than specific enquiry driven purchasing.

Shoppers can browse with friends and have personal interaction with their brands of choice. This movement is making it feasible to reciprocate in a more proactive way.

Much of online shopping has moved from a straight forward and accept or decline, accompanied by advertising benefits, to encouraging consumers to have online interaction and focus on their own decision making.

There are ever more changes ahead as e commerce companies follow the technological leaps and bounds with continuously improving the channels between customers and their objectives.

The technology has evolved that allows retailers to make positive advances in the use of vast amount information harvested from existing and potential customers.

This can become so predictive it can seem spooky, but it offers immediate and nominally accurate personalised attention to every individual that shops on line.

It is bringing the intimacy of a personal shop assistant and the nano speed modern technology offers under one roof, as it were.